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Innove Packaging

Innove is a professional supplier of cardboard tubes and custom kraft gift boxes packaging products. We've be serving various industries like tea retailing, cosmetics, food, gifts and electronics etc. Both OEM and ODM services are available to meet diversified demands of customers worldwide!

Good packaging speaks for you!

Innove Packaging has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-end cardboard gift boxes for over 10 years. We give you a boost in your effort to build a hit product. We pursue design aesthetics, follow market competition philosophy and believe that a winning product is a creative representation of insights into certain market demands.

Every excellent brand must have one star product. What we endeavor to achieve is to help customers build their own core hit products. Start from the markets, focus on target consumers and get insights into the core selling points. Then, develop the signs and brand identification pivoted from that selling points. Our aim is  to make  elegant and appealing packaging that better communicate your value. Good packaging will make  your brand strategy more accessible and perceptible. @OEM/ODM custom box design


We have all the rich experience in manufacturing your custom cardboard gift packaging to suit well your business needs.


Design and manufacture you product packaging that best identifies your brand image and appeal well to the target consumers as well.


Successful product launches not only lie in creative and well-liked products, but also in attractive and premium packaging!




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